Mind Blowing Features


Our Payment Gateway Services help merchants to focus on their business while having mPayment to look after the management of the payment transactions. We offer a complete one stop solution for accepting payments.

With the various value-added features and readily available transaction management functions in mPG, we provide an affordable and hassle free channel for payments that is suited for all types of businesses!


With a long history and experience in the payment industry, mPayment’s consultants are well-equipped to provide valuable professional services to assist key industrial stakeholders with their policy making, implementation and operation of their systems.

Our professional service team can help our customer understand the development of the industry, identify growth area and to develop strategies towards positioning companies in the rapidly evolving industry with uncertainties in consumer behaviours.


Simple, Quick and Affordable

mPG is perfect for businesses that may find it complicated or time-consuming to set up a merchant credit card collection account by their own. Taking advantage of the value-added features and readily available transaction management functions in mPG, businesses will be able to start accepting payments seamlessly and quickly.

Secure and Reliable

mPG takes over sensitive information capturing, verification and transmission with state of the art encryption technology and via secure channels. mPG’s proven track record provide assurance and trust among our merchants and their customers.

Reporting and Administration

mPG enables merchants to track transactions and compute statistics through the generation of customized reports. Reports can be generated at anytime and anywhere. The administration portal will also allow merchants to do basic self-administration of their account such as the setting of transaction limits to manage their financial exposure.

Easy and Customizable

As a hosted solution, mPG is extremely easy to setup and maintain. It’s fully customizable web-based user interface allows intuitive management and smooth payment process. Clear and easy usage of the payment interfaces ensure excellent customer experience.


Credit Card Processing

Want to have the convenience of credit card payment for business?
mPG offer payment processing and card acceptance as a complete solution. mPG is designed to save time and money for small to medium-sized businesses without compromising the security requirement.

Direct Debit Payment

Reaching out with your product and services those with internet banking but no credit card?
Direct debit is a real-time payment method that offer your customers the flexibility to use their Internet Banking account to complete their transactions.

Tokenisation Services

Thinking of allowing your repeated customers to skip entering their credit card information for every transaction?
Utilize our readily available Tokenisation Solution! It replaces the original, sensitive card data with a series of unique identification symbols.

Payment Instruction Services

Received payment without the hassle of e-commerce website set up?
Payment Instruction allow you to send ad hoc e-invoices/email to your customers and make payment via a highly-secure payment link.  Save time, effort and cost to set up e-commerce website while allowing you to receive payment from your customers.

Scheduled Payment

Need to receive payments at a future date?
Our mPG’s easy to use Scheduled Payment feature empowers you with the convenience to collect payment anytime!

Recurring Payment

Want to receive periodic transactions over fixed duration?
Our mPG’s useful Recurring Payment feature enable you to submit and manage recurring transactions easily!


Strategic Planning, Conceptualisation and Solution Proposal

Solution Implementation, Customisation and Integration

Operation and Support of Payment System